IRANIAN STUDIES is an Online & Offline School held by Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic).
It is a course to explore Iran, a country of great diversity, culture, custom and nature.
Join us and enjoy this special and fruitful event. It is accredited by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran.
Check out the the course content below and fill in the form to register.


Iranian Studies Course Content

Online courses:
Date: 25 July 2022 – 27 July 2022  

14:00 – 17:00 IRST

Course Titles:

  • Introduction to Amirkabir University of Technology
    • Education in Iran
    • Persian Language
    • Traditions and Ceremonies
    • Tourism
    • Music
    • Cinema

Blended Program:

Blended Program (contains 5 sessions online classes and 7 weeks offline courses)

2 August 2022- 17 September 2022

Offline Course

  • Calligraphy and Architecture
  • Traditions and Ceremonies
  • Tourism
  • History
  • Cinema and Music
  • Amirkabir University of Technology & Amirkabir Biography

Online Persian Language Course

Persian Language Course Date: 2 August 2022 – 30 August 2022

15:00 _ 16:30 IRST

Registration Fee

  • Course & Certificate: €50

** Participants from Iran, The U.S.A and Pakistan need to activate VPN in order to register.

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